As of the 1st of January 2022

White Card:  Residency Permit of an individual who is legally employed in a country outside Hungary, doing his job from Hungary using some sophisticated digital technology or, has a share in a profitable undertaking operating outside Hungary and does his job or the management of his undertaking from Hungary using some sophisticated digital technology.  

Is not entitled to obtain a White Card anyone who, apart from the regular reasons for exclusion, falls under one of the following categories:

·         Has a student residency permit or, is participating in a short-term internship under professional supervision, as part of his studies;

·         Is staying in Hungary on posting;

·         Has an EC Settlement Permit,

·         Is arriving in the territory of the European Union as an Intra-Corporate Transferee;

·         Has left the territory of Hungary for a period longer than Ninety (90) days;

·         Is engaged in gainful activities or doing his job for a local employer or in the interest of the same or acquires share in a Hungarian undertaking.

The National Directorate General for Aliens Policing (OIF) will decide about applications within Thirty (30) days.

The validity of a White Card is a maximum of one year and can be extended one time for a maximum of another year.

No Residency Permit can be issued for a family member of a third country person possessing a White Card based on such family relationship. 

The period spent in Hungary with a White Card shall not be taken into consideration for the time required to be spent in Hungary for a National Settlement Permit.

Mandatory reporting:

Any third country citizen having a White Card is supposed to report to the Immigration Authority the termination of his employment or undertaking in the country outside Hungary within Five (5) days following such termination.