What steps are required upon change of employer?
If I am an EU national holding a Registration Certificate, only labor deregistration and registration are actually required, and working on a local employment contract the activation of my SS card might be needed. If I am a non-EU citizen though, a new application for the employment status residency permit might be required.
I have multiple citizenships, which one shall I use for my immigration process?
If I have multiple citizenships I can decide which one tu use for the immigration process in Hungary. There is no specific regulation in force that would provide otherwise.
How can I change my mail address at the National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV)?
Our address change shall be reported to the National Tax and Customs Administration using the form available to this end, that can either be sent in electronically.
I have moved to a new address, what is the deadline to register it?
Any change in my temporary or permanent residence must be reported to the customer service office of the competent Authority within 3 days. Given that the officers of the Immigration Authority may visit us at our registered address, it is advised to keep our residential address up-to-date.
When can I start working as a foreign national?
If I am an EU national on local payroll I will become a local employee after having procured registration IDs and arranged labor registration required by the employer. In case of an employment longer than 93 days, there are further requirements to be arranged at the competent Authorities. If I am a non-EU national, I can start working after having obtained the residency and work permits and necessary registrations imposed by Law.
Did you know that address/domicile registration card can be issued to EU nationals or, in certain ...
Any third-country national may have a temporary accommodation registered with an address registration form required. Once a status of settled, immigrated or refugee is granted a domicile registration card is issued by the Authority similarly to that for EU nationals.
Where can I register my customer portal?
A customer portal can be registered at any Government customer service office in person with all my personal identification documents.
Can my official documents be sent to an address different from my residence registered in Hungary?...
Official documents will be sent to my registered Hungarian residence, thus it is useful to put my name tag on my post box.