EEA Citizens

The citizens of the European Economic Area are in a rather easy position when they want a job in Hungary, however, they still must consider certain requirements.

On the one hand, it is important how long their stay here will be. EEA citizens can start working immediately after arrival, just a few simple steps must be met in fact. In case their stay will exceed 90 days though, they will need a Registration Certificate.

On the other hand, there are legislative rules to determine who are eligible to those exceptions, and the tracking of legislative changes is not an easy task. Based on our experiences gained in the last few decades, we think that the procedure is better worth leaving to experts.     


We provide support to immigrating EEA citizens

Our team has experts with long and high-level experiences, and we work every day for making current laws and rules available and followed by our clients. We continuously follow official briefings, the Government Information sessions among others, to have up-to-date knowledge on legislation and procedures all the time.  

We have specific and precise knowledge on what certifications, registrations, and other documents an EEA citizen requires for being able to legally stay and work in Hungary.

Do make your life easier by leaving the immigration arrangements to us, as we shall provide useful assistance to you. 

We can help you with the following arrangements among other things:

  • EU and address registrations
  • Tax registration and ID
  • Social security registration and ID
  • Notification on license free employment

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