Non-EEA Citizens

Non-EEA employees who arrive in Hungary for taking a job are faced with more complex legal procedures than employees with EEA citizenship.

Third country employees must expect a longer period that will elapse between their arrival and the start of work, as they are not allowed to commence their assignment right after arrival. In many cases following the entry they will need a residence permit and a work permit, and such applications will be adjudicated by the relevant local authorities in a period of up to 70 days, if the application and supporting documents are complete. Visa nationals are supposed to submit their application at the Hungarian Consulate in their home country or country of residence. 

Due to strict regulations many aspects must be considered, and the process may have a few pitfalls. If you are an HR professional your best choice may be leaving that job to experts.  


We are there to facilitate immigration and integration to non-EEA assignees too

Do you need to arrange a short-term or a long-term mobility permits for expat employees?
Do you need to extend the validity the permits or other documents for an assignee?
You are an expat and you need to arrange the legal stay in Hungary for your third-country family?
In all questions related to immigration we can provide support to you, whether you are an HR professional or a foreign employee.

Our colleagues continuously follow legislative changes in Hungary. We have up-to-date knowledge and many years of experiences, thus we can certainly help you, even if you contact us with more complex or highly complicated issues. 
We shall make sure that you as an expat employee arrive in Hungary without any concerns or, if you are an HR manager, you have continued and reliable professional support. 

We can help you with the following arrangements among other things:

  • Combined residency permit (a.k.a. single permit)
  • Tax registration and ID
  • Social security registration and ID
  • Start date report
  • Short-term work permit

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