Arrange Localization of Driver License

Expats relocated to Hungary certainly need their driver license for their job or their everyday to-do list. In that situation it is important to localize their driver license or to obtain a Hungarian driver license, considering also that there are different regulations regarding both.

We can support all arrangements related to such localization

If you are an HR professional or a foreign assignee you do not necessarily know the following 

  • How long after arrival one can drive in Hungary with a foreign driver license?
  • In which cases a localization process must be started?
  • Why it is important whether a foreign national’s driver license was issued in a country that joined the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic of November 1968?
  • Is it required to undergo a theory test or a driving test as an exam on traffic basic knowledge?
  • Where the localization must be applied for, what are the costs, what kind of documents are needed?

You can avoid unnecessary rounds 

In case a foreign employee stays in Hungary for more than one year, the question of localizing his driver license will probably come up. 

The arrangements for a license localization make a complex task and it is important to submit such application at the right moment, as early application or late application may both create unnecessary obstacles and eventually extra costs. 

We have a precise knowledge of when the process must be started, as well as we continuously follow legislative changes, thus we have up-to-date information on the localization of driver licenses too. We can help assignees to avoid concerns about the validity of their driver license and help to avoid unnecessary rounds with attempting to localize a license. 

Do play safe and leave the arrangements with localization to us. Get in touch with us!