Arrange Property Purchase, Cover Owner or Tenant Representation

Foreign nationals and foreign ventures are both allowed to purchase or to rent properties here, however, certain constraints may be applicable. 

Among other things, a permit by the competent Government Office might be required, which is a procedure subject to duty, that means it is extra costs for the applicant.  At the same time, there are exceptions too, thus it is worth finding out about whether you must go through the whole process of getting the permit. 

Are you uncertain about whether you need the permit of the Government Office for buying a real estate here? Just contact us and we shall help you. 


We can support all arrangements related to the purchase of real estate.

Whether you are to buy office space or a retail unit or industrial property or residential or other type of property, it is important to consult with our professional team before signing a purchase deed. It is our common interest to make sure that all details of the purchase meet relevant laws and, your interests or your venture’s interests are duly represented in the purchase deed. 

Our experienced colleagues will help you with a smooth purchase. Contact us and we shall 

  • Determine whether a permit by the Government Office is required, 
  • Manage the permit process and the procurement of necessary documents and certificates as needed,
  • Will prepare or revise the purchase agreement with our lawyers,
  • Regularly give you status reports on the procedure. 

Confide the tenant representation to us

In case of property rental, it is also important to use our colleagues’ expertise, as in a rental agreement there may be stipulations that deserve special attention too. 

In our all-round premium level service, we can 

  • provide aid in selecting the right property,
  • take part in the lease negotiations,
  • organize and supervise the execution of eventual improvement works in the property rented,
  • provide tenant representation during the whole rental period.

Our team is in possession of up-to-date information on the Hungarian legal environment, we have precise knowledge in the current legislation on the purchase or the rental of properties. 

Consign the arrangements regarding properties and either owner’s or tenant’s representation, as applicable, to professional hands, contact us!