Company Formation, Seat Registration, Seat Services

Creating a company has a lot of advantages in Hungary: Corporate Tax is low, the EU tax ID is issued immediately, a rather modest amount of share capital is accepted, and the whole process requires just a few days. 

You can create a limited liability company, or a company limited by shares, a branch office, or a direct commercial representation, however, you may need a local individual as delivery agent, who can forward official documents created or received during the operation of the company. 

We can help with the process of creating a venture here

We can provide full services, including the company formation in Hungary by foreign legal or natural persons. Just ask for our services and we shall 

  • Take an active part in the process of the company formation, 
  • Take care of tasks for the registration of the HQ,
  • Help with mandatory procedures that accompany any company formation (like opening a bank account),
  • Take care of the payroll management and accounting on demand,
  • Act as your delivery agent,
  • Provide seat service on demand.

Providing our seat services, we shall support you with focusing on your essential responsibilities instead of meeting time consuming bureaucratic administrative requirements.   

Beside all those, you will use the address provided by our agency as your own seat address, thus eventual authority audits will also take place in that office. As we keep all business activities clean, legal and transparent, you will have no concerns about running into trouble during such audits. 

Go create a venture in Hungary, enjoy its advantages and leave administrative responsibilities to us. Contact us!