Payroll Management, Accounting, Tax Advice

If a foreign employee wants to work in Hungary, he will need Social Security registration and ID and tax registration and ID too, besides the permits required. 

Taxation, social security, and payroll management are affected by a number of factors, and their handling may need significant expertise.

With a view of taking the burden of social security, taxation and payroll management off the companies and the employees, we can provide professional assistance in the field of payroll management and accounting, as well as we offer consultation on taxation issues too.


Taxation of Foreign Employees in Hungary

A foreign employee, in which country he is supposed to pay taxes? The answer is not necessarily simple. 

To determine the answer to the above question we must examine bilateral treaties concluded by the countries concerned, as well as international regulations, as eventual failings may cause serious headache.  

Payroll Management and Accounting

  • Non-EU employees are not necessarily taxable in Hungary. Their taxation status also depends on whether their stay in Hungary exceeds 183 days a year and, whether they have been payroll-transferred. 
  • EU transferees are supposed to pay taxes on any income earned in Hungary, however, they only become Hungarian taxpayers if they are on Hungarian payroll or, the center of their vital interests (e.g. permanent residence) is in Hungary. 

Tax residence and the place of tax payment are rather complicated to determine, but our professional team can assist there too.  Contact us and use our payroll and accounting services!


Tax Advice

You cannot make head of Hungarian taxation law? Our tax advice service will help you to understand relevant taxation rules and avoid fines resulting from eventual failings. 

Among other things, we shall

  • prepare the local tax return of the foreign employee,
  • provide information on tax credits available,
  • assist with tax payment in line with regulations, whatever kind of tax it is, 
  • answer your questions on taxation.

Ask for our tax advice services and make sure that the Hungarian Office of Taxes and Duties (NAV) cannot find any error or mistake in your books.