Procurement, Authentication of Documents, Apostille

Being an HR professional, you are aware that the legal stay and work of a foreign employee is preceded by meeting a few administrative regulations. What documents must be provided for an expat worker? Depending on regulations and individual needs those can be as follows

  • Work permit
  • Residence permit
  • Settlement permit
  • Visa
  • SS registration and ID
  • Taxation ID 
  • Other permits or documents.

Whatever document it is, we arrange its procurement and authentication. Contact us and get rid of the paperwork. 


What is an Apostille?

When a foreign citizen wants to get a document authenticated, in certain cases authorities may ask the document to be provided an internationally accepted certified authentication. That authentication is an Apostille. Its rules are included in an international Apostille Convention. 

Among others, company registers, diplomas, moral certificates, and contracts may need Apostille authentication. Not all documents need Apostille, but in case it is prescribed there is no way to avoid it. 

Thank to our committed colleagues we have up-to-date information related to Hungarian legal environment thus, we know which ones of the foreign assignees’ (expats’) documents require Apostille. 

Leave the tasks needed for international authentication to us, and you will have more time to meet your administrative responsibilities.