Short-term Visas inbound and outbound

People can enter Hungary without an entry visa from many countries, however, in certain cases an entry visa is required for being able to travel into Hungary. A short-term visa a.k.a. “C” visa might be needed in case the planned stay in Hungary of a foreign employee and his trailing family does not exceed 90 days.

In case any issue comes up with a visa it may have unpleasant consequences for the employer or the inviting party. It may happen that the person cannot enter the country for some reason. In case of overstay on the other hand, a fine or even a ban may be the penalty imposed by the authorities. Just one case like that may cause serious harm to the employing or inviting company. 

We know all details about the arrangement of short-term visas

Our premium level independent services also cover visa arrangements. We can assist with

  • finding out visa requirements
  • compiling the application file, 
  • answering all your questions regarding visa arrangements.

We can help you all through the process of the visa application 

Travel into Hungary may require an entry visa; thus, it is important to start arrangements in due time. We pay attention to all details and make sure that any visa arranged by our team is compliant with legislative requirements.  

Beside their many years of experience in the field of visa arrangements, our colleagues always have up-to-date knowledge on how to proceed. We follow changes and amendments on a daily basis, including questions that may arise with applications. 

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