About us

ARC – professional, independent immigration and destination services with guarantees, up-to-date legal knowledge base and fast return. 

The history of ARC goes back to the 1980’s when international employee relocation was just rarity, just a vision here. Since that time our company has grown into one of the leading independent consulting agencies in the field of international talent mobility services.

We provide the full-scale of mobility, i.e. immigration and destination services to multinational giants employing thousands of people and private individuals alike.

Our Mission

We want to make bureaucratic arrangements required for legally working here smooth and seamless for corporate HR and expats.

We work for relieving the burden from those who really need such assistance. The precious time our clients would spend by hunting for information, standing in line at offices, answering questions, filling in documents and trying to unpuzzle complications, we shall make free to allow them to engage in what is important for them and their clients.

We understand that many are hesitating when it is about bureaucratic arrangements because they have no experiences in those. Our goal is to replace eventual negative experiences by positive ones, so that expats could start their job in Hungary as early as possible. 

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Comprehensive Support for both HR Professionals and Expats 

We facilitate foreign employees start of work as soon as possible with all legal requirements met. 
Our experienced and committed team will cover among others 

  • application for all documents required by relevant legislation (work permit, residence permit, registration certificate, visa etc.),
  • application for cards required for employees (tax ID, SS ID, address card, etc.),
  • support and supervise home finding, lease negotiations, move-in, move-out,
  • arrange utilities services,
  • support with finding childcare, schooling for kids,
  • assistance with special or confidential cases (like locate obstetrician, language teacher, attorney),
  • support in case of technical failures or accidents in the leased property,
  • support with special requirements of customers (like arrange a library pass, information on shopping facilities, information on use of community
  • transportation, information on paying utilities bills, etc.).

Guidance to Find your Way in the Maze of Formalities

Our agency has counselors with a wealth of experiences and knowledge, all working for continuously having up-to-date information regarding rules of law and their amendments. We keep an eye on briefings, announcements, the government information sessions, as well as we make the translation of all information obtained, for keeping our partners and clients updated too. 

Fair, Straight, Legal

We do our job at the highest professional level, meeting all legislative regulations, thus excluding eventual hardships for our clients, resulting from lack of information.

We make sure that the circumstances of any foreign employee are orderly and compliant during his stay and work here, regarding either necessary documents or housing or family requirements, thus we contribute to mitigating any concerns or anxiety when they move and start to work in a new country.

Do you need help with immigration or move? Contact us, and we shall provide professional assistance to you.