Other Services

Beside immigration and destination, our full-scale premium level services embrace several other fields. We are familiar with all requirements for an entry visa and a short-term visa here, as well as we can help with arranging entry visas to other countries. We can support license localization or help with arrangements regarding purchase or rental of properties, including landlord or tenant representation, as applicable. 

We assist the lengthy process of naturalization for those who want to acquire Hungarian citizenship. In case you are to create a venture here, we can provide active help in that process, offer seat services and cover part of your administrative tasks too. We can provide guidelines and orientation to the maze of taxation, payroll management and accounting, as well as we help with document authentication and apostille.

Short-term Visas inbound and outbound

Entrance in Hungary may be possible with or without a visa, but in certain cases you are required to hold an entry visa. A valid visa is an important condition, and insufficiencies may result in entrance refused to the foreign employee, or may cause inconveniences upon leaving if overstay can be perceived by the authorities.

Arrange Localization of Driver License

Does the relocated colleague regularly use a car for his job or other everyday responsibilities? If so, a valid driver license is a must, while different local legislative rules and bilateral or international treaties are applicable to foreign nationals coming from different countries. In many cases the driver license must be localized or, a Hungarian license must be obtained, which may infer extra difficulties if relevant and accurate information is not available.

Arrange Property Purchase, Cover Owner or Tenant Representation

Are you aware of the options available in case you are planning purchase or rental of some industrial or retail or office or residential property? Besides having to investigate all legal criteria, you need to rely on complex professional knowledge as, beyond concluding a purchase or rental agreement, you may be faced with a series of other pitfalls.

Arrange Citizenship

Is it your goal to obtain Hungarian citizenship for yourself and your family? Naturalization might be important for many foreigners thus, it is essential to get the application submitted at the right place and date, with no missing documents, filled in accurately, and all necessary annexes attached. Our team with their up-to-date knowledge can help you to become Hungarian citizens officially.

Company Formation, Seat Registration, Seat Services

Are you creating a company or want to register a branch office in Hungary, as a private individual? We can make sure that the whole process of the company formation is in line with local legislation and, we support smooth operation via our seat services.

Procurement, Authentication of Documents, Apostille

When doing destination, immigration, and other arrangements a lot of different documents might be needed and, in a few cases the certification as authentic of foreign language documents is required too. We provide all-round and complex services, including document procurement, certification and apostille, as applicable.

Payroll Management, Accounting, Tax Advice

The taxation of foreign citizens working in Hungary is affected by a number of factors, having some impact on accounting and payroll management too. Our experienced and committed team is in possession of up-to-date information and knowledge in the field of taxation, accounting and payroll too, thus we can provide efficient support to the corporate HR or expatriated employees alike.