Destination Services

We help our clients’ employees in all fields of the relocation process, thus including destination services too, with a view to make the settling-in and integration easy and seamless for them.

Information on the country

We hold information sessions on Hungary, on the geography of popular locations, on local traditions, on cultural, sports and other highlights, that way helping orientation of customers. We provide all necessary information, so that employees arriving here could comfortably and safely live, work and travel in this country. 

Pre-move Orientation Program

In an orientation visit we introduce, beyond general information, different types of rentable properties, as well as we offer comprehensive information on neighborhoods.  

It is also part of the program an initial immersion in local conditions, customs, expectations, and trends of the property market, with emphatic and specific explanations on lease agreements, rental fees, and other costs. 

Home Finding Program 

The issue of housing is key for both the employees and the employers, as residence, - think especially of home office – affects the quality of work, the motivation and dedication too. Thus, beside the home finding we feel it our basic responsibility to represent the interests of our client with our highest expertise and experience, be it property purchase or rental. 

  • We pay attention to details and specific requests of our clients
  • We provide details information regarding current conditions on the property market
  • We provide help with budgeting
  • Based on offers collected from realtors and other sources, meeting specific needs of clients, we provide a list of available properties 
  • We organize guided viewings to pre-selected properties 
  • We provide details on the neighborhood of short-listed or selected properties

Negotiate and Conclude a Lease

Beside the home search we put special emphasis on ensuring that our clients feel safe with their lease during the rental period. 

  • Client advocacy is priority for us in all situations
  • We possess long and extended experiences in the field of rental agreements
  • We finalize lease in line with our client’s expectations 

Works in a Rented Property

It may happen anytime that works must be done in a rented property. We can organize and supervise such works regularly prepare status reports and draw up a final report upon completion of the works. 

Organize Move-in or Move-out

Thank to our wide network of partner providers, we can also organize household moves via professional international providers and follow the whole process of packaging and delivery if needed. We shall

  • provide detailed information on technicalities and service providers, including public utilities providers and their invoicing practices
  • manage a walk-through before checking in
  • draw up move-in and move-out records 
  • attach photo documentation if applicable 
  • arrange and support the settlement of eventual dilapidations

Settling-in and Local Integration Services 

We can help the foreign assignee and his family in the process of integration and getting to feel at home as soon as possible, in their new environment.  We shall 

  • assist with buying or renting furnishings
  • help with the purchase of household equipment and appliances
  • arrange for the insurance of personal belongings and valuables 
  • do the necessary arrangements related to the driver license, the car insurance, and the purchase or rental of cars
  • collect and provide all information regarding household aide and childcare
  • arrange connecting or disconnecting public utilities and handle pertaining contracts 

Professional Inventory Services

We provide inventory agent services on demand, drawing up a detailed, photo documented inventory of the rented property and its equipment. We pay special attention to the availability to our client of all user manuals, maintenance manuals, and guide to special care pieces in the rented property, as applicable. 

Property management 

Beside responsibilities connected to building management (like budgeting, management of maintenance works and technical reviews, administrative tasks), we can also take the duties of the joint representative for a condominium. 

Organize Move of Movables 

Owing to the excellent work of our contracted partners in the moving industry, we can offer full- service coverage on the delivery of personal belongings and household items. We can guarantee safe loading, transportation, and storage, as well as we can help with organizing the disassembly and assembly of furnishings.

Assistance with Schooling, Childcare Institutions

In many cases foreign assignees move to Hungary with their families and need to take care of their children’s education too. With a view to allow parents make the best possible decision on selecting the right school for their children, we shall provide detailed information and help with all arrangements too. We shall 

  • introduce the system local and international schools, including kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, and higher education alike
  • provide support with registrations and the necessary paperwork as applicable
  • provide information on conditions, rates, and fees too.

Just start to assess your opportunities in the field of the educational system in Hungary, look at the list of international schools here! 


Be it mobile phone or landline, internet, or any other subscriptions, we shall help you in the whole process of the necessary arrangements. We provide information on fees, the details, and conditions of those services, to allow the assignee to decide about any subscription in possession of full knowledge. 

Are you part of an HR team, arranging the start of one or more foreign assignees? Our destination services can make sure that the relocated person could be integrated shortly, thus be efficient in his/her job as soon as possible.

Get in touch with us, and we shall inform you about the details of our services.