Immigration Services

Immigration is a rather complex area, looking sometimes impenetrable and unconceivable, where only experts of that field can easily find their way. As arrangements require up-to-date legal and local knowledge, competence in the procedures is essential to get the expected result.

In immigration the procurement of different documents often creates difficulties, either for work permits or residence permits. An important factor is housing, as a lease must be concluded, and the address card must be arranged in line with relevant regulations. Legislation also provides guidelines on arrangements for getting a tax ID card or an SS ID card or a localized driver license, and other important documents.

Our colleagues have several decades of experiences and know pitfalls and how to avoid them. Thus, time and costs to be spent prior to expats’ start of work can be limited to a large extent. Be it taking care of the requirements for an EEA citizen or a third country citizen we can provide effective help in the process.

EEA Citizens

Quite a few legal requirements refer to the citizens of the European Economic Area too, and their observance is highly advisable with a view to avoid eventual hardships. International employee moves are our special area of expertise; thus, we can provide premium level support to relocating EEA citizens. Read our comments and have a more detailed knowledge on the topic.

Non-EEA Citizens

Citizens from outside the European Economic Area will face more complex steps in the immigration and relocation process. Being one of the leading independent consultants in international employee mobility here, we can also make third country employees easier. Just use our services and arrange a fully legal working environment for your employees.