ARC – Destination Services to Make You Feel at Home

  • Look and see the destination city
  • The rental market
  • Prices and neighbourhoods
  • Utilities and costs
  • Detailed market information
  • Budgeting
  • Listings from realtors and other sources
  • Guided viewings
  • Specific neighbourhood information
  • Focus on customer advocacy
  • Bilingual lease contract made by ARC’s legal counsel
  • Lease is throughfully matched with client company’s relevant policies
  • Organize and/or supervise
  • Status reports
  • Minutes on completion
  • Detailed explanation on technicalities and services as applicable
  • Detailed information on public utilities and billing
  • Arrange pre-move walk-through
  • Draw up check-in/check-out record
  • Photo documentation
  • Handle dilapidations
  • Purchase/rent furniture
  • Purchase household appliances
  • Arrange insurance of content
  • Purchase/rent car
  • Arrange car insurances
  • Arrange driver’s license
  • Arrange utility hook-ups /deregistration
  • Information on household aide
  • Information on baby sitting
  • Draw up detailed inventory
  • Add description on special cleaning/handling/maintenance requirements
  • Add photos as applicable
  • Handle all arrangements with moving service providers

  • Information on local and international schools
  • Support with registration/enrollment
  • Information on conditions and costs

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